Carr Lane Baptist Church


Service Times:

Sunday School:
Worship:  11 a.m.
Sunday Evening:
Wednesday Service:

Pastor:  Johnny Lee
Hwy 86
PO Box 69
Eagle Rock, MO 65641



11 thoughts on “Carr Lane Baptist Church

  1. Is the church up and running again? My husband and i was members there when the doors was closed in September 2015. We was also married there in May 2015. Any word would be great. We would make the drive from Monett

  2. I was told yesterday morning that they were having their first comeback service on January 10, 2016. I am happy they are.

  3. We are glad to that it’s up and running again. It broke our hearts that the doors was being shut last year. I wonder who is preaching? We got told by my uncle that the church was going again also to let us know. But wasn’t til last night around 8 pm

  4. They did have service on Sunday January 10th. My husband Robin and I will be there this Sunday for morning service at 11am. Brother Sam Dunham will be preaching.

  5. We are having finger foods/potluck on February 7, 2016 after morning service at 11am. Everyone welcome

  6. Yes we are open. We start at 11. Brother Sam Dunham is preaching. Today after service we are having finger foods. We would love for you and your family to join us

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