D.O.M. Update

June 2018

See page 1 of the BCSBA Newsletter for the Director of Missions report at this link… 6bcsba-June-18

May 2018

Director of Missions report for May is page 1 of the monthly Newsletter… 5bcsba-MAY-18

April 2018

Director of Missions Report on page 1 of the April Newsletter… 4bcsba-APR-18

March 2018

Your Director of Missions report is on page 1 of the March Newslette at this link… 3bcsba-MAR-18

February 2018

Your friendly neighborhood DOM Report on Page 1 of our Newsletter is available at this link… 2bcsba-FEB-18

January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR.  The DOM Report is at the following link…  JAN-18

December 2017

Dec 2017  The preceding link is for the December 2017 DOM Report.

November 2017

Our Director of Missions Report is ready in the Association newsletter on page 1 –11bcsba-Nov.17

October 2017

October’s BCSBA Director of Missions Report is on page 1 of the Association Newsletter…10bcsba-Oct.17

September 2017

For September Director of Missions report from Bro. Randy Comer follow this link to page 1 of the Association Newsletter – 09bcsba-Sept.17

August 2017

Director of Missions Report by Bro. Randy Comer is on page 1 of our Association Newsletter 08bcsba-august.17

July 2017

Bro. Randy’s Director of Missions Report for July 2017 in on page one of our Newsletter  at this link  07bcsba-July.17

June 2017

Find Bro. Randy’s DOM Report at the link 06bcsba-June.17 for the June 2017 Newsletter

May 2017

You will find Brother Randy Comers DOM Report at the following link…  05bcsba-May.17

April 2017

April DOM report is ready for your viewing at the Association Newsletter.  Follow the link… 04bcsba-Apr.17

March 2017

DOM Report is ready for viewing at the Association Newsletter.  Please click on link to read…


February 2017

February 2017 DOM Report is ready for viewing through the Association Newsletter at this click… 02bcsba-feb-17

January 2017

Your January DOM Report is on page one of the Newsletter.  Follow the link…


December 2016

Your monthly DOM Report on Page one – click on link…