Calendar of Events


We pray you have a wonderful God filled New Year.

Follow this link to the January 2019 Calendar on page three of our Newletter.

The December 2018 Calendar events are on page 3 of the Association Newsletter.

November Calendar events for 2018 are on page 3 of the BCSBA Newsletter

October 2018 Calendar on page 3 of Newsletter

September Calendar is on page 3 of our Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter Page 3

July 2018 Newsletter

June 2018

May 2018 Calendar…  5bcsba-MAY-18

Find April 2018 Calendar here… 4bcsba-APR-18

The Calendar for March 2018 at page 3 of the Association Newsletter at this link… 3bcsba-MAR-18

The February 2018 calendar at the following link is on page 3…2bcsba-FEB-18

HAVE A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.  The calendar for January 2018 at the following link on page three… JAN-18

The December 2017 Calendar can also be seen at Dec 2017

The November 2017 Calendar is found on page 2 of our Association Newsletter –11bcsba-Nov.17

See the Calendar of October 2017 at… 10bcsba-Oct.17

The September 2017 Calendar is on page 3 of Association Newsletter – 09bcsba-Sept.17

The Calendar for August can be found at the Association Newsletter on page three 08bcsba-august.17

See the July 2017 Calendar on page 3 of the BCSBA Newsletter  07bcsba-July.17

June 2017 Calendar is available in the Newsletter for the month on page 3 06bcsba-June.17

The calendar for the month of May is on page 3 of our Association News letter.  You may follow the following link… 05bcsba-May.17